Let GOD Lead You Out!!

This year there are many opportunities for you to step out and go impact people outside of your normal sphere of influence with the Good News of Jesus Christ. Below you will find a very brief description of some of the activities of each trip.

  • Philippines: Work Project, Leaders Training & Youth Ministry
  • Guatemala: Ministering to Babies & Toddlers
  • Ghana: Conferences, Children's Ministry, Family Ministry
  • New York: Ministering to Inner City Youth
  • Uganda: Children's Ministry & Training
  • Knoxville: Homeless Ministry & Food Distribution
  • Mexico: Pastoral Training & Evangelism

Take A STEP of Faith!!

Many Places to Choose From

2018 will have many opportunities for you to step out and minister to others near and far. Pray and seek God to see if there is a specific trip he is highlighting and then reach out to the team leader for more information.

Trips for Different Seasons & Budgets

Be assured that whatever trip God calls you on will be a step of faith. This coming year there are trips that fall in a variety of seasons of the year as well as a range of different costs in order to get to the mission destination.

SEE What GOD Will Do!!

Missions Change Lives

God certainly works through you when you go on a missions trip. But He also works in a very special way in your heart as well. I trust He is inviting some of you to take a journey with Him and with others! I encourage you to trust Him to provide for where He is leading. HE IS MORE THAN ABLE!!


New York: Approx. $450
Trip Dates: June 6-10
Trip Leaders: Lisa Sustar, Caleb Sustar
Email: newyork@joychurch.org

Guatemala: Approx. $1500
Trip Dates: June 16-22
Trip Leaders: Art & Ilvie Sutherland
Email: Guatemala@joychurch.org

Uganda: Approx. $2800
Trip Dates: July 19-28
Trip Leaders: Dawn Keever, David Byangu
Email: uganda@joychurch.org

Ghana: Approx. $2800
Trip Dates: July 19-30
Trip Leaders: Joe & Lori Lartey, Sajel Massey
Email: ghana@joychurch.org

Mexico: Approx. $1200
Trip Dates: TBA | October or November
Trip Leaders: Casey Keever
Email: mexico@joychurch.org